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Make the Smart Energy Choice

For over three decades, American Solar has led the industry in energy conservation solutions.

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Pool Heating

A heated pool can double or triple your comfortable swim season.

An unheated Northeast Florida swimming pool is warm enough for comfortable swimming for three to four months a year. A solar pool heater or a heat pump pool heater can double or triple your comfortable swim season, with zero cost for propane or natural gas. We sell and install solar pool heating systems as well as high efficiency heat pump pool heaters.

House with 56 solar panels in St. Johns, Florida

Solar Power

Why are you still wasting money on utility electricity?

We believe solar panels are a better way to produce electricity than sending millions of tons of carbon, sulfur and other pollutants into the atmosphere. And the best time to start building a clean energy future for our children—and our children’s children—is right now. If you feel the same way, we would love to show you how easy it is to own a home solar power system today.

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Hot Water

Upgrading Your Water Heater Will Save You Energy and Money

Your water heater is one of the highest consumers of energy in your home, second only to your central air conditioning system. If you’re energy conscious and want to make your water heater more energy efficient, there are two options to consider: a solar water heater or a heat pump water heater (also known as a hybrid). The annual average utility bill savings can range from $500 if you’re currently using an electric water heater to $1200 or more if you have a propane water heater.