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Solar Power

Affordable Power That Pays for Itself

solar panels on tile roof
Solar panels allow you to harness freely available energy from the sun and sell excess power back to your utility company or store it in your battery for later use. Although solar is a large upfront investment, zero down financing is available which allows you to spread your cost out over time, while immediately experiencing savings.

Solar power is so predictable, that we put your system’s estimated average and yearly electricity production in writing, allowing you to see how solar will perform for you and what your monthly costs and savings will look like.

Benefits of a Solar Power System

Higher Resale Value

Lower Utility Bills

Federal Tax Credit

Battery Backup

Find Out How Much You Could Save

Solar Power FAQs

Do solar panels produce electricity in cloudy weather?
Yes, solar panels produce significant amounts of energy, even on overcast days. If you have been sunburned at the beach on a cloudy day, you know that plenty of solar energy is still available even when the sun isn’t shining.

Our solar power estimating software uses several years of weather data to calculate a system’s electricity production. This allows us to give you very realistic expectations.

How will I know how much electricity my solar power system is producing?
Each of our solar power systems includes a subscription for online monitoring and a wireless phone app, so you will always see how much electricity your system is producing. The app will show if any of your solar panels or micro-inverters are not working correctly.
What sort of maintenance does a solar power system require?

A solar power system’s performance should be monitored periodically, but should not need any maintenance other than keeping the panels clean.

What is the federal solar tax credit?
The Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit allow qualified tax payers to receive a tax credit of 26% of a solar system price for 2020. For this reason, this is a great time to invest in a solar system for your home.